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  Who can upload videos to elmur.net?
  Which video formats/files are accepted?
  Compression troubles? Contact us!
How big can be the video file size?
  How long can be my video?
  Will the register or uploads cost me anything?  
  Will all videos uploaded at elmur.net be screened on the street?
  How are the videos selected for street screening?  
  How long does it take to get my video on the gallery once uploaded?  
  How can I build up a playlist?  
  Would elmur.net pay for my video(s)?  
  What about copyrights?  
  What about audio?  
  Any other questions?  
• Who can upload videos to elmur.net? Top    
Everyone! You only need to register as elmur.net user, filling up the register formular. Once registered please fell free to upload as many videos as you like.  
• Which video formats/files are accepted? Top    

m4v, wmv, mov, avi, mp4, dv flv and mpg.
Your file is not any of the above? Contact us!

You have photos, drawings, music, etc... and would like to make a video? Contact us!

Recommended compression settings

Quicktime video movie (.mov)
Video codec: H264
Size: 720 x 576 (4:3)/ 1280 x 720 (16:9)
Frame rate: default
Quality: high
Data trasnfer: Auto
Audio: default

• Compression troubles? Contact us! Top    
• How big can be the video file size? Top    
There is a data limit of 500 Mb. due to technical requirements. We would like to keep the video data flow as fluent as possible and to reduce the time of compression and conversion of the videos to its minimum, so all videos can be available for screening as fast as possible. If your video is bigger or longer, please upload it in as many separate video files as you need, for example: Ò Dreams 01Ó, ÒDreams 02Ó and ÒDreams 03Ó  
• How long can be my video? Top    
We recommend that it is no longer than 2,5 minutes. If your video is longer please send it in separate video files refering to it on its name, for example: ÒDreams 01Ó and ÒDreams 02Ó. Do not forget that our aim is to build up a collective movie and to make it as easy as possible to share it along. Separate files give us the chance to include your videos more than once along the visual dialogue!  
• Will the register or uploads cost me anything? Top    
No, elmur.net is a non profit project the aim of which is to build up a free imaginarium container. All expenses are covered by the non profit Fundation Ferreruela Sanfeliu and Cultural Association TripleZeta (ZZZ) and also by means of anonimous donations through this web site. If you would like to collaborate please refer to the Donate area on this web.  
• Will all videos uploaded on elmur.net be screened on the street? Top    
All videos* will be available for screening at the elmur.net video gallery, although they might not be selected for street screening by elmur.net. Nevertheless they will be available for anyone who would like to screen them on other projection setups such as in schools, parties, bars, clubs, events, house parties or independent elmur.net screenings. Also they will be available for all elmur.net users for download, private screenning or sharing.  
• How are the videos selected for street screening? Top    

elmur.net proposes a visual dialogue. Along the year we will propose themes or subjects around which to offer video proposals. Among all videos uploaded we will select the most interesting proposals for public or street screening by means of the following criteria:

- a minimum technical quality: which allows the video to be screened on a large format or necessary projection system.

- its artistic and creative value and its communicative impact.

- *the non-violent, offensive content or advertising: we will reject any violent, offensive content and advertising.

ZZZ Collective stands in the position of curator and is the responsible for the management and screening of visual pieces as well as for the construction of the visual dialogue. Special guests join the ZZZ Collective for specific selection procedures. Any video included at elmur.net gallery is suitable to be selected for elmur.net collective movie public screenings at any time. All visual pieces are archived at elmur.net gallery under the regime of intellectual property Creative Commons: Attribution - NonCommercial - Share Alike (by-nc-sa).

The dialogue provides a visual priority nature of the speech:
- Ethical and pacifist.
- Building a global identity based on respect and universal solidarity.
- Interculturality as a positive social agent for development.

We will take in consideration all the registered users rates on videos during selection proces, so do not forget to rate!!

If you have any queries or questions regarding to that please contact us.

Will you let me know that my video has been selected for street screennig?

We will contact by mail with all users selected for screening, so do not forget to include an email adress on your profile data!

• How long does it take to get my video on the gallery once uploaded? Top    
On average, it takes one to two days to launch your video after we recieve it. Once we recieve your video we process it to make it suitable for internet screening. Also it has to be aproved by web administrator.
We'll send you an email once the video is active at the gallery.
• How can I build up a playlist? Top    
1. Log in to elmur.net
2. Go to the Gallery, search and select all the videos you would like to include in your playlist
3. Click on Add selected to playlist (top right on the gallery page)
4. Type a playlist name
5. Save the playlist. It will be available for full screen play under your profile section My Playlists.
• Would elmur.net pay for my video(s)?  
No, elmur.net offers an outlet where artists can develop an audience, as well as connect with others in the Video Art and Experimental filmmaking community. Our aim is to create a free imaginarium container which will help us to build and design a better world. All videos uploaded at elmur.net are included on its video Gallery under the Creative Commons licence: Atribution, noncommercial, Share alike: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/
• What about copyrights? Top    

All videos uploaded to elmur.net are included on its video gallery under the Creative commons licence: Atribution, noncommercial, Share alike: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/

For more information please refer to our Terms and Conditions or contact us.

• What about audio? Top    

There is an audio system included on the street video installation, so do not hesitate to include audio on your videos. If you do not have any free, non-copyrighted song or music do not forget to use your ambience audio, record your own voice or refer to any of the following links to find out free music for your videos!:


Those are only a few examples, there are lots of free, non-copyrighted stuff on the net. If you know any other web or place where to get non-copyrighted stuff, please let us know! Contact. We also encourage you to get in touch with music creators and stablish collaborations with them!

• Any other questions? Top    
Please, contact us! info@elmur.net