What?   Why?   Background
elmur.net is a non-profit initiative. It is not only an internet site; it's also an audiovisual collective installation wishing to build up a social dialogue through artistic creation. All the images you see in this site are at the same time, being projected on public spaces around the world. elmur.net is a platform at the service of society and its positive development.

elmur.net is a free public exhibition platform open to everyone. We invite the world to share its imagination and open up a visual dialogue with the aim to inspire us to build up a better one.

elmur.net is a creative experiment; it is a practical application of the educational capabilities of the audiovisual media. The audiovisual revolution that has characterized the 20th Century has already shown us the capabilities of the visual medium as a mould of cultures. Why shouldn't we use it with positive means?
  We are living a moment of great transformations, and you can play an active role on the shaping of those transformations.

There's the need to build up a new global identity based on respect, understanding, solidarity and love. It's time to awaken our consciousness as Earth inhabitants; we believe that happiness is a basic human right and that love and respect are the greatest powers for positive transpormation.

elmur.net aims to bring art to the general public, promote open and free art exhibitions and at the same time promote artistic creation as a tool for the understanding of reality.

  elmur.net was created by Fundation Ferrereuela Sanfeliu and the Colective ZZZ - Cultural Association TripleZeta - on 2007 in Lleida (Spain) as an on street video installation where ZZZ, a young creative collective, screened images to inspire citizens with positive imagination and creative ideas. Since then and thanks to our supporters and collaborators we have growed up.

From April 2009 elmur has become a network: elmur.net, where citizens from around the world contribute to build up an infinite container of positive imagination proposals.
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