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 was a participative project which built up a global visual dialogue from 2008 until 2015. Citizens inspired citizens with ideas, moments, visions and perspectives, which helped us to reflect around human values.

An intercultural dialogue in audio-visual format with the aim to cultivate our imagination, critical and creative eye.  

Best video proposals were displayed in public spaces and cultural events around the globe, also disseminated through the digital universe and social networks creating a digital and analogue inspirational network. This website functions as online documentation of the project.
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When one door closes, another door opens. Bye Bye ELMUR.NET!

Along 7 years we have collected inspiring videos of creative citizens from around the globe. ELMUR.NET has build an audiovisual dialogue with the will to inspire a more diverse, intercultural, creative and participatory society.


More than 3.000 proposals from more than 3.000 people have created an endless container of positive imagination. On 18th June 2015 ELMUR.NET arrived to its end as an active project. Its online gallery  “closes doors” this 2015 celebrating more than 100 events and cooperation projects with institutions around the globe. After more than 3.000 nights of creative public screenings at its permanent video installation in Lleida, Spain.  


Indeed we have celebrated the creative power of video and spread the word. It has not always been an easy trail, we have not only learnt but also enjoyed along the way the opportunity to share it with all who have made it real. We had a dream, to inspire a better world, giving people the opportunity to add their views, dreams and hopes as well. Sharing their magic moments, thoughts and visions; making it a collective dream, a shared hope. Reflections and ideas from distant places that have brought us back common issues and values. 


Its time to say goodbye, still we allow us to wave a “see you soon”. Our first ever event with ELMUR in Lleida (Spain) was organized under the motto “Can a wall become a door?”. Today we wave this “see you soon” being sure that “when a door closes another one opens”. 


1.000.000 thank you(s) to each and everyone of you, for sharing all those years with us and making this dream come true. We will keep on working!




"Me & The City, the City & Me" is the title of the lastest visual dialogue by ELMUR.NET that will be on show at ESPACIO ENTER 2015, an international meeting of all sectors related to art, digital culture and ideas that allow us to design the future of technological innovation


The collective movie “Me & The City, The City & Me” talks around two beings of different nature still, both are indeed projected realities with an inner soul. It is in fact this intangible nature what drives this metaphysical conversation. 7 creative videos which talk about analogue vs. digital, touch vs. pixel, solitude vs. multitude, acceleration vs. deceleration, eternity vs. here & now. One or the other, or the one in the other. Disconnected connections between materialised reality and the creative force that lies in its potentiality of being. The self as creative power, the city as the soil from where to grow, are some of the ideas which are revised by means of creative videos and video art pieces.   


ELMUR.NET will be presented next to a selection of the best visual pieces of the major festivals of new media and technology like the Japan Media Arts FestivalArt FuturaArs Electronica and the Google Streaming Museum among other international audiovisual festivals. 


You can review the complete list of selected video under the following link:





ELMUR at Cel·AV hosted by KontentPuntZero (ES)

ELMUR.NET visits KonventPuntZero within the context of Cel·AV|vídeo Festival 

Cel·AV|vídeo a Konvent Festival will celebrate its first edition from 18th to 20th September at Konvent’s installations. It is a video art festival organized by KonventContemporary Cultural Center of Central Catalonia dealing with different artistic languages and landscape and culture relations.


Konvent it has always had a video art schedule at Konventpuntzero and its own agenda, despite of other media artistic projects. In fact, it was one of the Creation Centers that commemorated the 50th Mundial Video Art Anniversary (1963-2013).


First mass culture’s critics used culture itself to do it. For it, video art as a quick technic took a fast place and position at contemporary art world. After, new topics and proposals show up to video artistic projects: feminism, body, social movements, racism, environment, etc. In the other hand, video as a communication tool has engaged to multiple formats and other disciplines’ experiences: documentary, advertising, performance, cinema, etc. Video Art pieces has changed a lot by using new technologies such as analogic-digital images, internet, VHS formats, DVD, several hardware and software) and expanding video concept through TV emission, cathodic interference, closed circuits, projection, etc.  


With an open mind in relation to audiovisual creation, Cel·AV proposes a video selection made by an intensive collaboration with artists, festivals and organizers. Our proposal is double minded: show works with very high technic quality where video is an avantgarde expression display and do it out of gallery, in a very genuine emplacement. Most of the pieces, unseen in Spain, have been awarded in their own categories.    


This festival will be also very special due to its genuine location, a fabric colony convent will place a central role in the viewing experience. Old installations will become part of the art pieces, creating new deep relations between masterpiece and viewers, and viewers and surroundings. Last but not least, Konvent’s proposal is an author show based on different ways of seeing and options to come along art.


More Infos:

18-09-2015   |   Download
ELMUR-Lleida screen moves to a new location

Yes, it’s time to move on. 7 years after the beginning of this adventure ELMUR’s screen in Lleida is moving to a new location, at Cafè del Teatre, a wonderful and charm location; heart of the cultural life of the city, node of citizens, culture lovers and creatives. 


It does so with the hope of bringing Lleida’s audiences a selection of the best audio-visual proposals that have been collected over the past years. Videos and creative proposals that over 2,000 nights have inspired neighbours and pedestrians crossing by the public screen at Av. Dr. Fleming 14.


Under the title "ELMUR: 360 in 365 days" along 365 days 29 inspiring pieces of local and international creatives will be on show at ELMUR video installation at Cafè del Teatre. 

18-12-2014   |   Download