ELMUR.NET presented at MitOst Festival 2013 in Leipzig (DE)

ELMUR.NET was invited to participate at the last edition of MitOst Festival in Leipzig (DE). MitOst is an international non-profit organisation that connects committed people to a diverse and open network in Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe and its neighboring regions. MitOst  carries out projects that promote cultural exchange and civic engagement, and act in this way on a vibrant civil society, across cultural, linguistic and political boundaries. 


Within MitOst Festival, ELMUR.NET presented a selection of inspiring and reflective videos under the actual Open Call theme: “360º Around the Human Factor, creative perspectives on human values”. 18 creative citizens from 8 different cultural backgrounds presented their audiovisual perspectives by means of 3 screens. A triptic of creative video proposals willing to inspire us and fill up our imaginarium, the place where our imagination stores the raw material from which we build up new ideas, solve problems, learn new things or understand reality. “360º Around the Human Factor” within MitOst Festival introduced a total of 21 videos presenting positive, suggestive and reflective perspectives. A visual dialogue about things that paradoxically unite and separate us: values, identity, culture, beliefs, language, prejudices and stereotypes. 


Also within the context of the festival, ELMUR.NET was presented at the “Symphosium about Mediation of Art” in which several Art Mediation Professionals from diverse european regions discussed about best practises and the professional challenges within this field. 


ELMUR.NET and MitOst are partners within the Lifelong Learning Programme: Contemporary Art for Everyone (CAfE) 

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Observed(o) at ELMUR-Lleida (ES)

Throughout the month of October and in different locations of the city of Lleida (ES), photographer Jordi V. Pou has presented Observed(o), an artistic intervention created from a collection of 1500 photographs of eyes downloaded from Instagram social network.


Observed(o), held in cooperation with various organizations of the city such as the Museum of Art Jaume Morera, the IEI, Art Center La Panera, Lleida University and the Ferreruela Sanfeliu Foundation among others, has been implemented through various actions: flags on balconies, press inserts, paper prints, banners and actions in public meetings. Specifically, the facade of the FFS, in the space usually used by ELMUR.NET, presented the creative video "Loop”. "We are all observers, we are all obseved" is the central theme of Observed(o).


All actions available at the project's website: www.weareallobserved.net


Related Videos:

Observed(o) at elmur-Lleida: https://vimeo.com/75980038

Observed(o) at the TV news TV3: https://vimeo.com/77683041


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ELMUR.NET at Crosstalk Video Art Festival in Budapest 2013

Under the title “Perceptions, conceptions, inceptions and other mysterious frames” a selection of 9 creative videos from ELMUR.NET community have been presented within the 2013 edition of Crosstalk Video Art Festival in Budapest. 


The objective of this renowned festival is to present to the general public outstanding and diverse examples of current video art practices. Crosstalk Video Art Festival was founded by Adrien Török in 2008 and it is an annual video art exhibit seeking to suprise people's awareness for video as a form of art that is inserted in their life more than it's noticed. 


Animated, documentary, narrative, experimental, formalist, concept, digital trash, musical, abstract, hybrid, low and high tech, footage, collage, looped, manipulated, found, etc … all types of single-channel videos from all over the world are presented at Crosstalk every year. Within the 6th edition, ELMUR.NET program was presented at Toldi Art Cinema one of the very oldtimer art cinemas in Budapest that celebrates its 81st birthday in 2013. Being the former "headquarter" of The Béla Balázs Studio, Toldi is just the right platform for alternative and experimental endeaovurs in film industry.


“Perceptions, conceptions, inceptions and other mysterious frames” presented to festival visitors and audiences a specially juried and curated set of visual pieces with the ability to motivate our creative awareness.


Meet the selected videos & authors downloading the attached PDF File under this lines.

Preview the promo video of the Festival under this link:


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360º Around the Human Factor: Irene Pascual, guest jury member

ELMUR.NET  is grateful and pleased to announce the incorporation of Irene Pascual as guest jury member, to participate in the monthly selection of artists from the call “360º Around the Human Factor “.


Irene Pascual is director of the GlogauAIR Artist in Residence Program in Berlin and has valuable experience in the international art scene. From the creative side, as she is an artist herself, and from the perspective of an active cultural manager.


She has organized and curated numerous events such as the Home Sweet Home Video and Performance Art Festival (Werkstatt der Kulturen, Berlin), the Second Performance Festival (GlogauAIR), the exhibition Souvenir (Kunst Raum Kreuzberg Bethanien) and shown various selections in the Loop Video-Art Fair (Barcelona). Furthermore Pascual has been in charge of research projects such as ELAA (European Live Art Archive) in partnership with the Ruskin College of Arts (Oxford) and the Universitat de Girona (Spain).


Together we will choose the Best Video of the Month,  selected artist/video will take advantage of our promotion in the website and digital networks and also have the chance to participate in festivals and video art screenings worldwide.

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