One more year, selected ELMUR.NET videos will participate at ESPACIO ENTER FESTIVAL due to be celebrated in Santa Cruz de Tenerife (ES).

The presented ELMUR.NET videos have been selected from its videoart and creative video archive under the title: “A look at what surrounds us” , being “Perception” its common theme. “A look at what surrounds us” presents a series of videos that reflect around what we see, how we see it and how it can be interpreted. From shapes to expectations, veils and masquerades, to hidden and invisible realities. Nine pieces that talk about us as individuals, as citizens and as human beings which immersed in the information and communication era, overloaded by visual stimulus, might have been blinded and even shaped by false appearances.

ESPACIO ENTER is an international meeting of all sectors related to art, digital culture and ideas that allow us to design the future of technological innovation. Within this context, elmur.net will be presented next to a selection of the best visual pieces of the major festivals of new media and technology like the Japan Media Arts Festival, Art Futura, Ars Electronica and the Google Streaming Museum among other international audiovisual festivals. ESPACIO ENTER is hosted at TEA a wonderful location in the heart of Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Canary Islands - ES).

You can review the complete list of selected video under the following link: http://www.espacioenter.net/2014/DIGITAL_IMAGE_Elmur.htm

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CAfE the place where to learn about contemporary art in public spaces

CAfE is the place where to enjoy while learning and exchanging best practises around art mediation and contemporary art in public spaces. A platform where you will discover amazing artists, get to know the latest open calls & festivals, exchange opportunities & many more.

CAfE is a European cooperation project under Grundtvig Life Long Learning Program between:  Art Transparent Foundation (PL), MitOst e.V (DE), Kulturni Centrum Rehlovice (CZ), Aquamediale Festival  (DE) and Cultural Association TripleZeta (ES).

Visit www.contemporaryartforeveryone.org and subscribe to follow up events and opportunities. 

ELMUR.NET cooperates with Pop Up Kino monthly videoart event.

The video art screening event will be periodically held at PPC Gallery in Berlin, a new arty and welcoming  artspace based in the neighborhood of Neukölln.  Pop Up kino showcases creative videos selected under a specific theme, for every occasion an external curator is invited to join the team.  Pop Up Kino aims to promote visibility of video art and video creatives from around the world showcasing their works in the german capital.  Within every event a ELMUR.NET section curated by guest curators will be also on show. A great opportunity to promote elmur.net’s community members and their creations to new audiences and videoart specialists.


Follow up upcoming events and Open Calls under:http://popupkinofest.tumblr.com/



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360º Around the Human Factor - A Creative Video Challenge!

Wherever you come from north, south, east or west of the continent if you are a creative citizen which loves to capture ideas and little big moments in life this is your challenge! 


To celebrate our 5th anniversary ELMUR.NET global visual dialogue invites you to submit your creative videos under the theme: 360º Around the Human Factor, creative perspectives on human values. 


In a globalised digital world where human beings are closer than ever, we would like to visually reflect about those things which unite us all.


What makes you feel close to others? What is valuable to you or to humankind? After all, what makes us humans? A feeling, a moment, an idea? Are you able to capture it with your camera, visualize it with images, graphics or with an animation?


Show us your talent and perspectives, share your creativity, inspire us and win amazing awards! 

Register at ELMUR.NET and UPLOAD your video proposal under your profile: 

Participate at the 360º Open Call

Submissions open until 18.06.14

Monthy awards throughout the challenge!

Register & Upload your video under your Profile



What can you get?

Best videos will be screened in public spaces and cultural events in an international context. You will be able to promote your talent and present your creativity to wider audiences in amazing places and events like:



Crosstalk Video Art Festival Budapest (HU)

ESPACIO ENTER international Festival of Creativity, innovation and Digital Culture (ES) 

MitOst Festival  in Leipzig  (DE)

... among many others.


The board of experts from ELMUR.NET will do review and give you feedback of your proposal. 


1 x “Best Video of the year“ Award

12 x “Best Video of the Month” Awards                     


Monthly winner will be highlighted at elmur.net website and social media channels and promoted within ELMUR.NET international network. Every month ELMUR.NET will select a video to be presented in the ELMUR public screen installation in Lleida (Spain).


Get connected with updates on complementary awards for all participant videos. Register at www.elmur.net and follow us at Facebook or Twitter (elmurnet).



No entry fee.

Open to all, no age or nationality restrictions.

We encourage amateurs and professional creatives to take part in the challenge. 

Open to all styles and techniques: creative video,  storytelling, animation, video art, video poetry, experimental, video collages, remixes, vj mixes, etc.

No limit in the number of works submited per entrant.

All videos will be published under Creative Commons Licence: attribution, noncommercial, share alike. 

Take up the Challenge!

MORE? Download attached PDF or write us at info@elmur.net




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