At the Campus Party Valencia 2010

Last 27th July we presented at the Campus Party Valencia by means of a Live Dj & VJ set at the City of arts and Sciences of Valencia. The event was screened around the whole Campus video screens and also live broadcasted through You Tube Campus TV channel. At the presentation zzz used the video clips from users to present all Campuseros what is and how it is done. Under the attached PDF file you will find a complete list of the selected videos which were screened. Campus Party is recognized as the largest gathering of technology, creativity, entertainment and digital culture event in the world, a reference space for the new youth culture. Review the event online here.

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Imaginarium at Galerie Wedding Berlin

From 03rd July to 27th August 2010, Galerie Wedding Berlin will held a group exhibition under the name and theme: Imaginarium. will be presenting its collective movie project next to two of amazing contemporany artists: Aleksandra Koneva and Detlef Gunther. Next to plasma screen, Sascha, a big electric head will be meditating 24 hours a day about the positive proposals made by more than 40 diferent video creatives (download attached pdf for a complete list) from all around the world. 50 minuts of creative proposals to inspire the world on designing a beautiful and positive future. Everything is ready for the Gallery Opening on Friday the 02nd of July at Müllerstrasse 146-147 in Berlin Wedding where Duo Duo will be ofering a live music show and a free refreshment will acompany the event. Thank you to all the people who have made this possible! See you in Berlin ))

01-07-2010   |   Download public screening in Estonia

Thanks to friend and user Janno Bergmann, the next 17th, 18th, 24th, 25th and 31th July at 16.00 hours collective movie will be screened in Pärnu, Estonia. The screening will take place at Port Artur shopping center at the large video screens inside and outside the building, also on the small plasma screens which are around the building. The collective film which will be screened includes more than 60 video creations from more than 45 diferent authors from all around the world. A positive intercultural dialogue will be on show at a wonderful location. Congratulations Users! Thank you Janno ; ) 

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DJ & VJ Live Set at Campus Party Valencia 2010

Valencia will hosts from the next 26th July till 1st August in the premises of the Science Museum Principe Felipe, City of Arts and Science, the Campus Party Spain 2010. Campus Party is recognized as the largest gathering of technology, creativity, entertainment and digital culture network in the world. An annual event held since 1997 which meets for seven days thousands of participants with their computers from all over Spain and other nations, to share concerns, exchange experiences and all kinds of activities related to the computer, communications and new technologies. will have their space in Campus Party Valencia, presenting a live set up in which a VJ, accompanied by a DJ, will re-mix and screen clips from video gallery, building an original untold story. The creators of the project, zzz, will be guiding this experience of this awaken audiovisual meditation while talking about life, ideas, imagination ... about

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