Inspiring Berlin

Through the eyes of 10 authors from 7 countries and cultures proposes an inner journey into the world of imagination. Inspiration shows a collective movie build with textures and sensations, visual and auditory tones, which stimulates our senses and spirits until the door towards our own imaginary world opens up. 


A collective visual collage which talks in diferent shapes and aesthetics about one single idea: Inspiration, refering to it as the action of stimulating an idea by means of the activation of our own imaginary machinery. A visual meditation about the relation between Man and the univers, spirit, body and shape. The inner and the outside worlds altered by means of perspectives, textures, velocity and motion. 


Till the end of august on show at Galerie Wedding Berlin inside the context of Imaginarium II collective exhibition next to Lovro ArtukociczAgnes Loerincz and Fabian Scheidler.


Download Pdf for a complete list of participating videos and watch the collective movie at Gallery: Inspiration

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Next to Luis Buñuel in China

The exhibition From experimental Film to the audiovisual Vanguards will be on show from June 2nd to July 31st at the Instituto Cervantes in Shanghai (China) , and gathers some pieces considered most outstanding in Spanish experimental film, as well as film projects that have triumphed at an international level. Within this daring series, for the first time ever in Asia, the essential Un perro andaluz (1929) the pinnacle piece of world experimental cinema signed by two geniuses: Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dali, known for being a key piece in the history of film, will be screened. 


The exhibition Del Cine Experimental a la Vanguardia Audiovisual finishes with, a proposal where the latest innovations in online creations are exhibited. The project gathers a collective body of work created solely through an intercultural dialogue that dissolves the traditional spectator/screen communication. Almost a century of works in Spanish experimental film takes shape in a retrospective that rediscovers its history and definitively locates it as one of the worlds´ reference in the investigation of aesthetics and audiovisual. will be till 31th Juli 2011 on show next to all the great Spanish masters of experimental audiovisual creation. Congratulations users! Watch the collective movie under the following link: Collective IC Shanghai

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"Shanghai Inspiration Mission" at Pantocrator Gallery (China)

Pantocrator Gallery & have proposed creative citizens of the world to inspire Shangai's citizens in order to re-inspire all us again. In Shanghai, the worldwide reference megalopolis of future, engine of change and progress, Pantocrator Gallery & have screened during Mai 2011 a selection of thoughts, dreams, hopes and ideas which invite us to see our everyday life from creative points of views. A collective movie, a visual dialogue built upon the recieved proposals from worldwide creatives, which speaks about existence, mass media, politics, art, reality, dreams and fiction, life and death, hope and the power of creativity and artistic creation as engines of change and transformation which help us to build, inspire and dialogue about a future full of magic and common illusions. 


Watch the movie online at Gallery under: Collective movie Pantocrator Gallery


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Back to University!

The Lleida's University UdL has hosted and organised the 8th Week of Comunication. This last editiion has been presented under the name Comunication 2.0. Students, professionals and citizens have had the oportunity to think and discuss about the present and future of the networked comunication oportunities. During a week we have heard about the technological advantatges, social oportunities and side effects of networked comunication. Inside this context, the audiovisual non-profit project was presented as an example of how technological innovation can be used as a social transformation and interaction tool. Infront of an interested audience, the Collective zzz members presented how was born four years ago and how tecnologies of comunication have had a central role on its development. 


The event was held at the Sala Victor Siurana inside the Rectorat building of the Universitat de Lleida (UdL - Spain), a very appropriate framework to discuss and think about the world of imagination and creativity. The Comunication Sciences students were also at the event in which members of the Collective zzz  gave special emphasis on how to start and carry out a project from initial ideas to final implementation, promotion, growth and international recognition. The event could be followed live on the network through

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