Candidate for Internet Awards 2010

Organized by the Spanish Association of Internet Users, the Internet Awards are held annually since 1997 and are intended to recognize individuals, organizations, businesses and activities that have contributed during the previous year in a relevant manner, disseminating and developing good use of the Internet. is a candidate in the category of Best Web and Best Initiative. The next May 6th the TOP10 selected in each category will be anounced. Winners are chosen by votes from Internet users and those issued by the jury, which is made up of personalities of prestige. Vote for! 

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Congratulations! is one of the 4 finalists at the INVI (International Internet and Audiovisuals Innovation Award). will like to thank and congratulate all users and suporters! The award is given out by the Rtve (Radio Televisión Española - the spanish public broadcaster)


More infos: Rtve


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Seven days to think about the the weight of Art

El peso del Arte (The Weight of Art) a performance video by the Chilean artist Francisco Alonso Gonzalez Castro will be exhibited from the 1st to the 8th November 2009 at permanent videoinstalation on the street (Lleida / Spain). The video performance was held on Sunday 4 October this year (2009) at the East Campus of the Universidad Catolica de Chile in Santiago. This video performance aims to generate discusion on the "weight" of art, understanding weight as value, weight or physical, or as a burden on society. In the video the artist is tied and suspended, or weighed by the viewer. As we can see on the video the rope is directed towards the camera so that the viewer is virtually who holds the artist. Who gives weight to the art? Weight is in the work, in the artist or it is a value related to audiences? Are some of the issues that are being sought.

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Take art to the streets

The Collective zzz,  presents with great exit project infront the Auditori Enric Granados (Lleida, Spain) audience. Last 24th October 2009, inside the context of the Emergent International Photograpy and visual Festival, a panel representing the Collective zzz presented project. The panel proposed a debate around the social need of aproaching art to the general public and to enhance creative collaboration,both issues, main objectives of project. is a visual project which proposes a visual dialog on the street by means of its web site user's proposals. The presentation ended up as an informal chat at the square in front of the Auditorium.


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Auditorium Enric Granados