Kids Guernica, an international children art project

KIDS' GUERNICA is an international peace project for children from the most different places of the world. The participating youngs work out their messages of peace and living together, on a canvas which has the same size as Pablo Picasso's Guernica (3.5 ms x 7.8 m). Children of all age groups create paintings to express what war and peace means for them. The adults who accompany the creative process discover the enthusiasm which hides behind: art of children can inspire the imagination of an adult and more spontaneously develop empathy with other people. Kids' Guernica celebrates 15 years of existence in 2010. It started out with exhibitions in Nagasaki-Japan; Tallahasee- Florida-USA and in Ubud - Bali -Indonesia. has collaborated with the project in its Berlin edition doing a documentation video of the children´s work which will be displayed along with Kids' Guernica Original Canvas at Gallerie Wedding from 25th September till 8th October 2010.


The video can be downloaded and reviewed from video Gallery: Kid's Guernica &


25-09-2010   |   Download
Direct Action 2010 - Time & Memory

On September 5th the Collective ZZZ presented in Berlin its last Live audio-visua proposal Time and Memory, within the context of the D.A. Festival 2010 organized by Institut fur Alles Mögliche. Direct Action (DA) is a 3-day-long event that takes place spaces between the Institut and adjacent spaces and streets. The D.A. brings together performative artists from various fields and invites them to meet, share ideas and exhibit their creations. Along with this other artist participated at D.A 2010: marc tobias winterhagen + monika jolanta kurmin, bbb johannes deimling, stephan weitzel, oliver breitenstein, dovrat ana meron, dailyhero, gianni barelli, sandy craus, daniel ploeger, boris kahnert, thomas janitzky, giulia spugnoli, filipa guimaraes, siegfried karcher, adeline meilliez, paul philipp heinze, de poppekastkrakers, mette sterre, andrea gunther, julischka stengele, dagan wald, sandie brischler, andres galeano, dorota pietraszkiewicz & stefan riebel. Thank you to every and all of them for such a wonderfull festival ; )

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Time & Memory opens Format GAVA at Noorderzon 2010

Time & Memory by will be presented this 19th august at the opening of the Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival in Groningen, Holland. will be presenting an audiovisual Live performance made with archive heritage film material from the beginning of the 20th Century and accompanied by an original sound track composed by Manelet. Also videos from video Gallery have been included on a audiovisual mix wich talks about the sense of time and memory. Time & Memory will be presented inside the context of Format GAVA curated by Frank Schaap (SF&L) and Rene Duursma (GAVA), at the Muziekkoepel of the Plantsoen in Groningen . From this first public presentation till the end of 2012 will be calling on time & memory videos to complete the presented movie. More about it? : Tic Tac, Tic Tac,... the sound of the clock resonates constantly in our minds and body, hided on the frequency of our heart beating. Can you feel how as time goes on your mind is filled with new memories and is emptied of forgetfulness? ... Upload your proposals at!

16-08-2010   |   Download is a Movistar`s Campusheroe winner!

Congratulations! The cultural project is one of the winners of Campushéroes sponsored by MovistarTelefonica`s mobile phone division. Campushéroes 2010, that has celebrated its first edition in the context of Campus Party Valencia, has rewarded entrepreneurship, good ideas and creativity to encourage young talent and innovation Movistar is committed to providing services, products or growing infrastructure to support winning projects for a year. Each participant recorded a video in which had to answer three questions. How is your project? What is the purpose of it?  What do you need to make it real?