CAfE: Contemporary Art for Everyone

CAfE (Contemporary Art for Everyone) is a European Learning Partnership project (GRUNDVIG) by a network of cultural institutions working in the field of contemporary visual art and art in public space and forms of adult education in this sphere, popularising contemporary art and preparing adult learners and audience for the reception and better understanding. 


Aim of this project is to learn from each other and exchange the best practises in Europe, trying to use them in different countries, also during international undertakings. is one of the european partners that will be working within this collaborative project for the next 2 years. The first meeting of all CAfE consortium members took place at the MitOst office in Berlin from October 19-21, 2012 and the next one will be held in Spain, where all the cultural managers involved in this project will have the chance to discover project and its daily street screenings in Lleida.


Under this lines you can check out our amazing partners and their key activities:


Art Transparent (Poland) - Survival Art

MitOst (Germany)

Landkreis Dahme Spreewald (Germany) - Aquamediale

Kulturní Centrum Rehlovice (Chez Republic) 





Espacio Enter 2012


We are back! will be at ESPACIO ENTER 2012, an international meeting of all sectors related to art, digital culture and ideas that allow us to design the future of technological innovation. will be screened next to a selection of the best visual pieces of the major festivals of new media and technology like the Japan Media Arts Festival, Art Futura, Ars Electronica and the Google Streaming Museum among other creative visual festivals. will present a visual dialogue built with contributions of creative people from around the globe especially conceived ​​for this next edition of ESPACIO ENTER. A collective visual work which speaks in images about imagination, emotions and the possibilities of digital creation. Ideas, thoughts and plastic messages which complement each other and transform into new ideas, perspectives and visual emotions in order to inspire us in the design of  a creative, intercultural and peaceful future. 


Under the following link you can check out the list of participating videos & authors

Congratulations to all selected creatives!!


ESPACIO ENTER is a project created and run by ARTECHMEDIA, a international cultural non-profit organization founded and directed by Montse Arbelo and Joseba Franco. Among its aims are the creation, organization, promotion and management of different activities for the development of the Arts and Cultural Innovation. The Platform collaborates with the main actors, institutions and organizations, Spanish, European and international activities related to Arts, Culture, Education, Science, Innovation, Technology, Business and other sectors of society.


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We have not won the official award but all the unofficial extras ! ; ) Many thanks!

We already know that we have the spirit of finalists... and that our work is not a matter of a day or two, or three ... but to add up little by little ... The UOC has informed us that we are not the winners of the UOC&Plugged contest.

As you will see, has won the project that has achieved more balance between jurors ... We have been awarded with the 3rd position in our category. CONGRATULATIONS!

We're happy & glad because we've won all the unofficial prizes! Your support, positive energy and comments ; )

With your hands and clicks have called the attention of new partners and collaborators to continue working forward ...


Because we all together do !

Because we want to keep imagining, creating and sharing to inspire each other to build up a future full of opportunities;)
 VideoScreening at Circuito_Berlin012 organized by the Spanish Embassy will be presented in Berlin on Friday July 6th inside the context of the exhibition Circuito_Berlin012 organized by the Spanish Embassy. The presentation will be held at the Instituto Cervantes Berlin.


Presentation will done by means of a short presentation of project and the VideoBites screening program followed by the screening of the latest Open Call: "Berlin, Berlin" specially designed for the occasion. More than 100 creative videos have been submitted from around the world among which 15 proposals from citizens, creatives and artistic groups from Venezuela, Uruguay, Greece, Holland, USA, Italy, Germany and Spain have been selected.


VideoScreening Circuito_Berlin012

BABEL _ taniagrafica  /  #mem01 _ thore soreson / U-BAHN _ susipop  /  Berlin _ Cristina Pavesi /  Cutcut_Mirrors _ Antoine  /  Topp&Dubio - Niemandsland _ toppdubio  /  Quintessenz - Color my Kingdom_ Quintessenz Creation  /  Barren _ mikecelona  /  Videospam _ Osvaldo Cibils   /   Banana Republica - Sleeping beauty _ Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos  / SP #5 trailer _ knick407  /  DRAPETOMANIA_ ReVerse Bullets  /   Romney's EBN rmx _ Johan Buesen  /  Trust Me_ Gowara Minsa  /  Untitled#44_Stefan Riebel

06/07/2012 um 19:00 Uhr  @ Instituto Cervantes Berlin  - Rosenstr. 18-19  D-10178 Berlin (Deutschland)


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