ELMUR.NET on Show in Barcelona (ES)

Within the context of Pan Rooms collective exhibition organised by Pantogrator Gallery – La Pan, elmur.net presents "Am I what I see or I see what I am?", a collection of 5 creative videos which, without using a word, talk about identity and the influence of images in our ability to interpret everyday reality. The views of 5 authors from South Africa, Russia, Taiwan, Germany and Spain, are combined to build a conversation in images; a visual dialogue that invites us to reflect from unique perspectives about what we see, what we are & what we want to be.


Pan Rooms is special exhibition which will held at a very special location in the heart of the mediterranean city of Barcelona (ES): 14th March 2014 > Av. Diagonal 362 from 19:30 until 23:00 hours


Selected ELMUR Videos and Authors: 

Torrent by Christel Liebenberg
Hermeneutics by Alexei Dmitriev
Material by Jing Liddell 
Metamorphosis by Johann Büsen
Aus Heiterem Himmel by Irene Cruz

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Selected “Human Factor” videos on show at Cafe del Theatre in Lleida (ES)

A special selection of ELMUR.NET videos was on show along December 2013 at the Cafè del Teatre in Lleida (Spain). The screening, which aroused great interest of visitors , took place by means  of a specially designed video installation.  A special public show that included videos proposals from within the actual on-going open call: “360º Around the Human Factor”.


This exhibition was designed to join the annual meeting of Fundació Ferreruela Sanfeliu (FFS), one of the non-profit organisations behind this creative project.


Included  videos & authors: 


Lupe Capell: Unless it Comes

Alba Piferrer : Meditation

SOPA graphic Studio: Pitjor no pot anar

Javier Villegas: Background Singer

Peter Vadocz: Global Warming

Irene Cruz: Aus Heiterem Himmel

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Lights, Camera, Action! ELMUR Workshop at the University of Lleida

From idea to video in less than 4 hours, this was the mission that students from the University of Lleida  had to accomplish within the workshop that ELMUR gave to a group of future audio-visual communication’s professionals.


Focus of the workshop was “creative video and public space” with the aim to reflect on communication practices in public space and facilitate tools and strategies to enhance student’s ability to face and solve all kinds of creative challenges within this field.  A selection of ELMUR.NET  videos was used to conduct the visual image analysis and debate session. During the second ”hands on session”, two elmur.net video-creatives: Lupe Capell & Sara Boldú, coached students to create an original creative video in a record time. The resulting videos have been on shown at ELMUR Lleida permanent public screen during X-mas and New Year’s time. 


22-12-2013   |   Download

One more year, selected ELMUR.NET videos will participate at ESPACIO ENTER FESTIVAL due to be celebrated in Santa Cruz de Tenerife (ES) from November 29th until December the 1st 2013.


ESPACIO ENTER is an international meeting of all sectors related to art, digital culture and ideas that allow us to design the future of technological innovation. Within this context, elmur.net will be presented next to a selection of the best visual pieces of the major festivals of new media and technology like the Japan Media Arts Festival, Art Futura, Ars Electronica and the Google Streaming Museum among other international audiovisual festivals.


The presented ELMUR.NET videos have been selected from the proposals received along the actual Open Call 360º Around the Human Factor”. 7 visual pieces coming from Lebanon, Spain, Malaysia, Hungary, China and Czech Republic. 7 proposals that by means of captured moments, personal stories and fictionalized narratives, invite us to discover little great human values to inspire us on building a more creative and intercultural society. ESPACIO ENTER is hosted at TEA a wonderful location in the heart of Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Canary Islands - ES).


You can review the complete list of selected video under the following link:http://www.espacioenter.com/2013/elMUR_en.htm

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