Screenings in Alcobaça, Portugal, inside the Rabiscuits Experimental Art Biennal

ELMUR.NET was presented inside the 6th edition of Rabiscuits Bienal of Experimental Art in Alcobaça (Portugal). 


The art festival took place around the old town area in the public space, a wonderful context where also ELMUR.NET screenings took place. 13 authors and videos from ELMUR.NET community were presented under a compilation named: “Video Art and Animation” specially prepared by a team of Rabiscuits’ curators. A coopetarion made possible thanks to Carlos Camafiro, a ELMUR.NET's user and creative video author. 


More about the Biennal at:

The complete list of included videos and selected authors can be found downloading the PDF file under this lines

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Weitermachen – Keep on Going: ELMUR.NET presented in Czech Republic

ELMUR.NET was presented in Rehlovice (Czech Republic) within the 2013 Kustsymposium  (Contemporary Art Symposium)


The presentation was organized within the CAfE Partnership (Contemporary Art for Everyone) a European Learning Partnership project (GRUNTDVIG) by a network of cultural institutions working in the field of contemporary visual art and art in public space of which ELMUR.NET is an active project and member. 


15’s selected videos and artists were presented by means of a  beautiful open air screen in front of a special audience of art lovers, casual visitors, artists, curators and cultural managers from around Europe.  


Presented videos were specially selected to build up a unique collective movie under the main theme of the symposium "Weitermachen / keep going" and altogether proposed a soft audiovisual trip towards our inner self, a collective visual reflection around the being, the seeing and the perceiving. 


The main mission of Kulturní Centrum Řehlovice is organizing cross border social and cultural projects. At Kulturní Centrum Řehlovice different people all over Europe can meet and exchange to establish more acceptance, more knowledge and tolerance about the “others” behind the border, or even “the others” within the border. An intercultural art event that This 2013 edition presented, along with, the site specific art works of more than 10 contemporary artists who came from Czech Republic, Germany and Austria.


Download the PDF file under this lines to get a complete list of participant videos and authors

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URBLAUB a collective show organized by

Selected ELMUR.NET videos will be screened inside the context of the collective show URBLAUB - Diferencia Vacacional - organized by the artist platform in a singular location, a "holidays apartment" in the popular Neuköller street Weserstrasse. 

URLAUB by ELMUR.NET will introduce three authors from diverse origin and backgrounds who reflect visually around the idea of travelling. Three perspectives, three creative looks that transform the seemingly everyday onto a peculiar and creative trip:

List of selected creative works: 


Viaje a la cocina by Kalma Vj 

TRIP Paulista by Márcia Beatriz Granero

Voyage by Bartsik  


In cooperation with BERLINARTE.ORG

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CAfE - European Cultural managers visit Lleida to discover

Coming from Germany, Poland and Czech Republic CAfE Partners have travelled to Lleida (ES) to discover and its daily street screenings.


The visit has been organized inside the context of the cooperation project CAfE (Contemporary Art for Everyone) a collaborative project framed within the Grundtvig program of the European Commission, a network of cultural institutions working in the field of contemporary visual art in public space as a tool for social transformation, as well as forms and strategies of education and popularization of contenporary art among the general public.


Along this 3 days visit CAfE partners have also discovered Lleida’s cultural lanscape and discussed around the projects and festivals organised by the diferrent cultural institutions that they represent. New oportunities of cooperation have been presented, either with the aim to host special screenings as well as to promote selected’s users to participate within the festivals and art events which CAfE Partners Organise. 


Let's CAfE!


more about it?




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