The youngest creatives of

The children of the school La Quitxalla in Mollerusa (Spain), between 2 and 3 years old, have been learning about the world of Information and Comunication Technology (ICT) in their classrooms. For a few days, they have been enjoying photography workshops, recordings and film projections among other activities, which included learning what is and why it is done. Also parents have been invited to meet this non-profit audiovisual project. The youngest, with help of their tutors and teachers, have made a video and shared it at web platform: Art. Doing that, they have become the youngest creadors who have ever participated at, true digital natives in action! Art is an example of how children can learn from visual and artistic creation and how can be used as a teaching tool in schools. Over the next few days, the neighbours and citizens of Lleida would be able to enjoy the video which will be projected on the facade of the Fundació Ferreruela Sanfeliu in Spain, every evening between 19:00 and 23:00 hours. Art, can be also be seen at video Gallery under the following link: Art

Thank you La Quitxalla for inspiring us all!

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elmur - Lleida hosts the International ArtExpo

The public projection screen of Fundacio Ferreruela Sanfeliu and the creative Collective ZZZ: elmur in Lleida, will host from January 20th the International ArtExpo. A touring exhibition of contemporary video art. Under the title Liquid Cities and Temporary Identities neighbors and passing by pedestrians in Lleida can enjoy a selection of contemporary video art curated by Italian architect Luca Curci. Before this selected works have arrived to Lleida, they have also been have also been presented among other places at the Center for Contemporary Art in Torun (Poland) and the National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA) -Bangalore (India).


International Artexpo is a forum for dialogue between cultures and countries, which articulates the video work of artists and creators from all corners of the globe. In recent years International Artexpo has organized more than 55 samples in different international locations such as the NCCA -Contemporany Art Center in Moscow, the CCCB - Centre of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona and, in several galleries and private foundations. The selected works that will be shown in Lleida have been made by a total of 16 international artists from diverse origins like India, USA, Austria, Greece, Colombia, Canada and France. Thematically speaking, the works present a visual dialogue on the concept of contemporary identity, the civic space and architecture, man´s relationship with new technologies and the limits of the human body as a physical entity.


Video: International Artexpo Lleida

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Inspiring Tenerife (Spain)

Imaginarium, the collective film of was screened on Saturday 27 November 2010 in the context of the Espacio Enter International Festival in Tenerife (Canary Islands , Spain). ESPACIO ENTER is an international meeting of all sectors related to art, digital culture and ideas that allow us to design the future of technological innovation. was projected next to a selection of the best visual pieces of the major festivals of new media and technology like the Japan Media Arts Festival, Art Futura, Ars Electronica and the Google Streaming Museum


ESPACIO ENTER is a project created and run by ARTECHMEDIA, a international cultural non-profit organization founded and directed by Montse Arbelo and Joseba Franco. Among its aims are the creation, organization, promotion and management of different activities for the development of the Arts and Cultural Innovation. The Platform collaborates with the main actors, institutions and organizations, Spanish, European and international activities related to Arts, Culture, Education, Science, Innovation, Technology, Business and other sectors of society.  


Watch the event video under: Espacio Enter

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Time and Memory at NS Try Out Festival

On October 8th participated at the NS Try Out Festival City of Groningen in the Netherlands. The NS Try Out Festival , organized by Dutch Railways (NS) in collaboration with private companies like T-mobile, Philips, Manpower and Kinect, is a festival celebrated in path spaces and locations in and around train stations of Amersfoort, Leiden, Eindhoven and Groningen. 


The festival features a wide program which includes theater, film, art, children activities and workshops. has been invited to participate at the festival by Format GAVA  (Groningen Film Archiv + Studio Frank & Lisa) to present in the hall of the Groningen railway station its audiovisual project Time and Memory as a live set. 


Review the event at: NS Try Out 

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