INTERNATIONAL VIDEO ART FESTIVAL MAGMART - Italy - Video under the Volcano VII - 2012

Cooperating with Napoles collaborates on the VII edition of Magmart Festival (Naples, Italy) with the screening of 3 videos of specially selected users which will be on show in a special part of the Festival at the main event in Naples ‘Magmart night’ at P.A.N. Palazzo delle Arti Napoli, a prestigeous palace for contemporary arts.


The event will offer a short 'panoramic' show that cast a glance on various 'regional' videoartists production from diferents parts of the world proposed by other Festivals and videoart networks: FONLAD, Oslo Screen festival, FIVA, Art Video Exchange, Athens Video Art Festival, AllArtNow and Activa.


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Tuned Visions @ Plug Electronic Music Conference

On 21th and 23th of February 2012 Bar Misirlou Berlin hosted a live event inside the context of Plug Electronic Music Conferece. collaborated with a special video screening under the motto “Tuned Visions”. Rythm and unrhythm , synchronicity, waves, vibration, connexions and disconnections where presented in the shape of music related video pieces from more than15 creative users. 


The screennings joined creative forces along with live music and Dj’s sessions from the Spanish and the Greek Plug's Teams. Young creatives united will never be defeated!



About Plug

PLUG Conference Berlin 20 - 27.02.2012

Intention of the project is to connect (young) DJ’s and producers from Europe and to help them share their passion for electronic music. In various workshops, through personal informal exchanges and the support of professionals, the participants get the chance to improve and enrich their skills as DJs and as producers, to promote their personal work and meet people at the same time and this way develop a sustainable co operational concept.


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Campus Party Milenio, an inspiring experience! finalist in Granada!

To mark the Millennium of the Kingdom of Granada, the Andalusian capital has become the Mediteranean digital talent node during 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th October 2011, there  Campus Party Milenio held an event which brought more than 100 speakers, experts and 600 participants from 22 countries in the Mediterranean Basin.


Within this context and in front of an out standing public, on Saturday October 16th, was presented as a Finalist of the Creativity and Social Media Forum award. Campus Party Milenio in its will to spread awareness and motivate young genraciones and international experts, generating at the same time transnational synergies, has united in an exceptional event "campuseros" from Albania, Algeria, Palestinian Authority, Bosnia, Cyprus, Croatia, Slovenia, Spain, Egypt, France, Greece, Israel, Italy, Lebanon, Libya, Malta, Morocco, Montenegro, San Marino, Syria, Tunisia and Turkey exchange ideas, projects and innovation within the network of Mediterranean countries, debating for 4 days about the role of ICT in sustainable economic development, international cooperation, respect for human rights and cultural barriers and conflicts of coexistence.


The event was opened by the Prince of Asturias, in the presence of Minister of Industry, Tourism and Trade, Miguel Sebastián. Campus Party is recognized as the largest technology event, creativity, entertainment and digital culture network in the world. An annual event which is being held since 1997 and which last July celebreated its fifteenth anniversary in Valencia. Currently Campus Party has presence in Valencia (Spain), Sao Paolo (Brazil), Mexico City (Mexico) and Quito (Ecuador) next 2012 will land in the U.S. market with a Silicon Valley Campus Party.


Review presentation under the following link:


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At Blumenfest Festival in Berlin Weissensee

The facade of Kino Toni Berlin, district of Weissensee, hosted the last 26th , 27th and 28th August video projections of creative videos from within a program organized by the culturLawine e.V. and the Blumenfest. The large format projections took place on the facade of one of the oldest movie theaters in Berlin, Kino Toni (1919) located in the Anton Platz. It was in fact, Weissensee and not Hollywood, the neighborhood that saw and lived the early history of cinema. In this neighborhood northwest of the capital of Germany the first film studios were founded before the 1st World War and here legendary films were filmed like The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920) or Marlene Dietrich´s debut in Tragedy of love (1923). 


At the same time, was presented within the context of this festival in the GastKunstRaum (Art Spaces) that has been running over 10 days in the shop´s windows of the Berliner Allee. Under the name Elektrokunst and through a daily electronic apparatus (TV) and a common mirror, has transformed the shop window of Dreetz & Firchau Appliances into a magical wall. A wall that suggests that we look at ourselves through the eyes of creative people from different cultures.


Check out the collective movie at video Gallery: Elektrokunst

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