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VideoBites - Creative food for your soul - OPEN CALL!

Calling on creative videos to show in Berlin - Mitte! & A.A.A Abteilung für Alles Mögliche / Department for Everything Else, organise a monthly screening of creative videos under the motto: “The Everything Else”.

NEXT SCREENNINGS: 7th August 2012 at A.A.A.


VideoBites 09  - "The Journey" - The Everything Else 


Expected and unexpected landscapes, paths, roads, rail tracks and heaven highways… in transit between connecting flights… motion and emotions from one place to another… a step follows the previous one until you... arrive. 


Calling on creative videos, mobile creations, captured instants, recorded situations and everything else...

Footprints, development, sites or places, people and cultures. Berlin, Berlin... North, South, East and West... Berlin, Berlin. Myth, dream or reality. Present, past, future, subjunctive, imperative or conditional... Today, yesterday and tomorrow... Berlin, Berlin... to live, to travel, to change. Daylight dreams or singing night crickets, the sunshine and a cumulus sky, heaven and earth, seeds and rain... Ohh my Gods! Minds and thoughts... Time has passed by while looking at the sky...  To begin, to be born, to discover, to grow, to mutate or to transform. Sing, dance, jump, smile, laugh, look, run, walk, stop, say it, shout it or shut it up... do it, take action, perform... Messages, Ideas, Visions and Dreams. Fairy Tales, Myths, Philosophies and Beliefs, Declarations or Statements... a word, a sentence, a poem... a rainbow, a sunrise or a sunset, a street, a year, a day or an afternoon, a minute, a second, just one of those moments...  rhythm and unrhythm, synchronicity, waves, vibration, connexions and disconnections. Time, change, doubts, decisions, plans, actions, destiny, revolutions and evolutions... Is everything connected to everything else? what is "the other" and what is "me"? Is it another language, culture or point of view? Is it something I am not interested on, or may I just not know about it? Is the everything else weird, mysterious, distant or ignored? Beautiful, curious or inspiring? Is it out there? or is it inside? What is it that, we call the "Everything Else"? 

UPLOAD YOUR PROPOSALS at  until 03rd August!


Best proposals will be served every first Tuesday of the month at A.A.A. in Berlin-Mitte – Ackerstraße 18, 10115  BERLIN 


To enter the call UPLOAD your videos at 


Be part of it! Join the visual conversation among creative citizens from around the world.


A.A.A is an open salon-style format in which we do things and present statements, which we in relation to the "All Other / all others" Things that we find and put together. We collect ideas, expectations, set pieces and other snippets of a joint reflection on the phenomenon of "All Other / Others" Everybody wellcomed ; )


+info at:  /


11-06-2012   |   Download is #TalentUOC - Thank you!


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Collaborating and screening in Greece! has collaborated with the Athens Video /*Art Festival with the screening of a special selection of creative videos under the motto: "New Codes". The screening toke place on the 18th of May at 6PM in Booze Cooperativa in the Greek Capital. 


Athens Video Art Festival is the most important festival of digital arts and new media of Greece. It annually takes place with Athens as its basic context, dedicated to contemporary art and new technologies. It aims at bringing together experimental projects of contemporary artists and at promoting free expression, exchange of ideas, and creative interaction while exhibiting new media and new technologies application in arts. Through a variety of creative forms, it presents alternative ways of “viewing” urban landscape and of perceiving art, and new codes of interaction between art and contemporary societies.